Back to Art!

Been a busy last year and a half. Mommyhood beckoned second time around..and what a joy to be able to devote the time to it, uninterrupted.

Now as the toddler squeaky shoes are out so are my art brushes finally, all dusted and cleaned. A little more time to spare..a few more dreams to dare (sounds corny I know :D)

I had not worked with oil paints for two years, through pregnancy and after childbirth just as a precautionary measure to avoid the turpentine fumes and cadmiums. Luckily charcoal came to the rescue and I was able to focus on my drawing ( More in my previous blog post).

So when the very talented artistic duo of Suchitra Bhosle and Pramod Kurlekar announced a 3 day art workshop in India I jumped at the chance to kickstart my oil painting again. After figuring out the logistics of travelling to an outstation workshop with a mischievous toddler in tow (thanks to my supportive family :), landed in Pune! Yay!

More about the workshop soon. Check back!