30 Paintings in 30 Days - Day 2

VERDANT SHOWERS - Oil on Canvas 12x10

Took the reference photo for this painting on the drive to Madurai from Thekkady (India) ! Rolling fields of green with the hills in the background...all fresh from the afternoon showers... Breathtaking! Had to paint that! Captured that on the camera and here it is..

A quick description of my process.

I pretty much know instantly when a picture/ scene will make a good painting (for me that is). I take some pics, choose the one I like & tweak it minimally on computer.. Then I do a quick thumbnail sketch like under a minute to work out composition ( purely based on instinct). Occasionally I may do a quick couple of minutes thumbnail in pastels to work out color schemes. 

I start with a loose color block in on canvas in thinned out oils for the composition and shape placement.( FRAME 1).  I do not make any drawings/outlines on the canvas as for me it makes me loose spontaneity in the work. And slowly build up on the value, color, edges & texture ( FRAMES 2,3) ...Et Voila! The painting is done :) 

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