Throwback to past commission work

Worked on some custom charcoal portrait commissions in early-mid 2017 for a wonderful art collector. It required multiple visits to the client's house to discuss her requirements (Managing morning sickness with hour long commutes through Bangalore traffic was quite an experience altogether :P). Went through the client’s photo albums to narrow down the ones she wanted turned into drawings. A few that we chose were challenging as they required working from small 6x4in photo prints...but the client gave me complete freedom to experiment and work according to my art aesthetic. In the end the results were completely worth it! 

And a lovely feeling to have my charcoal drawings be part of the main family wall of a fifteen thousand square feet home filled with eclectic, interesting works of artists, new and established. But the moment I like best as always is that initial moment of genuine response when the client first looks at the completed artwork.

A big thank you to Chaitanya and Meera for this wonderful opportunity.

Posting select works below. All works are charcoal & pastel on paper.